The Chromium Hook
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  Film-makers Ace Allgood and James Stanger talk about their film, The Chromium Hook.
Jim I first heard the story when I was about 10 years old, at summer camp. The cousin of a fellow camper's neighbor was attacked by a madman with a hook. It scared the hell out of me.
Ace What's really weird is that I ended up buying the actual car that it happened in. I got this incredible deal on a 1969 Ford Galaxy Convertible. There was only one problem with it, there was this smell that was impossible to get rid of.
J. Yeah, you had to replace the Naugahyde to finally eliminate it didn't you?
A. I still have to hang those little trees all over the place unless I'm driving with the top down.
J. Anyway, we tracked down the original owner and got the story. This teenage couple were making out at lover's lane.
A. His folks were on vacation in Acapulco and he took the car without permission.
J. A news bulletin on the radio warned them of a one armed lunatic that just escaped from the insane asylum.
A. His mom was bringing home a Mexican hairless dog as a surprise, he had allergies.
J. They ignored the radio and went about their business.
A. Noises outside the car scared them back into their clothes.
J. Meanwhile Mom and Dad had cut their trip short. Someone had broken into their hotel room and taken everything but the dog, their tooth brushes and a camera.
A. They screeched out of there like there was no tomorrow.
J. When he finally got home, the boy met his parents in the driveway, their cab was just leaving.
A. Dad was fuming. "What in the hell are you doing with the car?"
J. Mom, wide eyed and trembling used the dog to point at the prosthetic hanging from the door handle. "What's that?"
A. "It looks like a shaved rat," answered her son.
J. We used the same car in our film, of course we had to change the story a bit.
A. To protect the innocent.