The Chromium Hook
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  Film Synopsis
  The Chromium Hook: a mocudramedy.

A young couple, parked at passion point, ignore the urgent news bulletin broadcast through the car radio. The local D.J. warns them that a one armed lunatic has just escaped from the insane asylum. Rustling leaves and metallic scrapings alert them to the immediate danger they're in. She screams. He starts the car. Tires squeal. A loud thud and a blood curdling howl introduce us to the story of what really happened on Halloween night in the parking lot below the Spinard Institute, a center for the treatment of psychological disorders.

In our search for truth we meet many colorful characters from the lovely town of Nimrod. They explain how this incident has effected their lives and through their stories, we discover what lead to the horrific events that took place that fateful night.

  One sentence synopsis
  A mocudramedy seeking the truth behind an American urban legend.