The Chromium Hook
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  Jack Cramble-Kyle Ingleman

Kyle been involved in theater through out his college career. The Chromium Hook is his first film.

  Jill Royaltuber-Amy Lou Adams

Amys outstanding performance as Leslie in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous led to a pilot for the Fox network.

  Sheriff Curtis T. Manserac-Jim Cada

Most recently Jim starred in David Lynchs latest film The Straight Story. Jim has also been in Grumpier Old Men, Iron Will, and F.I.S.T among others. Jim is a resident company member of Duddly Riggs Brave New Workshop.

  Howard Lugdrum-Matthew Howe

Matt is the education director at The Childrens Theater in Minneapolis.

  Cassie Royaltuber-Laura Esping

Laura is a Guthrie Theater veteran with credits including Venetian Twins, Much Ado About Nothing and A Christmas Carol. She recently received her Masters in Theater from The University of Minnesota.

  Rick Royaltuber-Jim Gaulke

Jims film credits include Fargo, The Naked Man and Multiple television commercials.

  Dr Stewart J Narkenpie-Peter Syvertsen

Peter is a Minneapolis Native with such movie credits as A Simple Plan, Herman USA and Jingle All the Way. He also had the honor of playing The Creature in The Guthrie Theaters production of Frankenstein.

  Mrs. Margaret Narkenpie-Eden Bodner

Eden recently escaped LA and moved to the Twin Cities. Her films include Herman USA, Paradise and To Perish in the Green.

  Wild Johnny Hateras-Chris Carlson

Chris's film credits include Drop Dead Gorgeous. He is a veteran stage performer most recently appearing in the Komplete werks of Willim Shalkespeer

  Rod Buddarock-Marcus Klemp

Marcus has starred in Grumpier Old Men, Iron Will, and The Mighty Ducks II. He recently left the Twin Cities to pursue the dream in LA.

  Truck Driver-John Gamoke

John is a veteran of Minneapolis Theater with many credits at The Guthrie, Chanhassen Dinner Theater and The Childrens Theater. He is currently working on his first screenplay.

  Candy Boy-Vincente Luna

Vincente ran away from home at 14 to pursue a career in acting. Fortunately he got scared and called home. We cast him as the candy boy to keep him home.

  Drifter-Peter Whebbe

Pete went to high school with the director. After begging for years for his big break, he finally got it. He says he will never act again.

  Lefty Tyler-Ali Selim

Ali is a veteran director with films such as Emperor of the Air and Yonnondio. He is currently producing his first feature. This is his acting debut. Please take note.

  Oleena Weenz-Mary Ellen Stanger

Mary Ellen co-created the director in 1961. This film is her punishment.