The Chromium Hook
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The people to blame for this movie.
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  "The Chromium Hook"
based on a short story by Ron Carlson
  Principal Cast
  Jack Cramble Kyle Ingleman
  Jill Royaltuber Amy Lou Adams
  Rick Royaltuber Jim Gaulke
  Sheriff Cutris T. Manserac Jim Cada
  Dr. Stewart Narkenpie Peter Syvertsen
  Howard Lugdrum Matthew Howe
  Wild Johnny Hateras Chris Carlson
  Rod Butterrock Marcus Klemp
  Cassie Royaltuber Laura Esping
  Mrs.Margeret Narkenpie Eden Bodner
  Truck Driver John Gamoke
  Indroducing Ali Selim as Lefty Tyler
Mary Ellen Stanger as Oleena Weenz
  Production Credits
  Directed and Edited by James Stanger
  Produced By Ace Allgood
  Casting Lynn Blumenthal Casting
  Cinematography James Dreher, Rich Dreher, Phil Renaud and Jim Stanger
  Best Girl Laura Witrak
  Great Dude Dean Gray
  Original Music The Echo Boys: Bob Millea, Tom Lecher, Harry Pulver and Randy Anderson
  Sound Design Tom Lecher
  Location Sound Jason Bridges
  Mix Carl White