The Chromium Hook
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What is Channel Z?
  Channel Z was formed by Ace Allgood and James Stanger in July 1997. Ch. Z primarily edits television commercials for various advertising agencies. The profits resulting from this endeavor is the bankroll behind the film "The Chromium Hook." Channel Z's web site can be found at
  James Stanger, Director
  "The Chromium Hook" is Jim Stangers directoral debut and was shot entirely on location in his hometown of St. Paul, MN where he lives with his wife and their three children. He started his career as a still photographer and soon after made the transition into motion pictures. For the past ten years he has worked as a commercial editor in Minneapolis. A crew member of "The Chromium Hook" accused Jim of picking locations walking distance >from his house, Jim defended himself by saying it wasnt true...he used his bike.
  Ace Allgood, Producer
  After saving a National Geographic photographer from the ravages of a flash flood, doors opened and Ace found himself chilled but gainfully employed in Minnesota as a corporate tv producer. A few years later he survived a helicopter crash with enough sense to "never fly in one of them things again!" Ace seems to think making films is a safer profession.

He spends about 15 minutes a day convincing people that Ace Allgood is really his name.